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Wendy, the subject of many stories previously published on this website under the title 'A School Knicker Story', confesses to her husband why her obsession with school knickers became an important part of her sex life.

Hannah has been skipping her therapy sessions and her mom has had enough of it. She is going to make sure she spends at least an hour alone with her doctor if not more, no matter if they actually do any therapy.

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  1. Karla awakes in a strange room, where Mistress Gabriel manages the visit of different women under which Karla is transformed in a "never go back" lesbian FuckSow: a special lesbian slave addicted to humiliation, debasement. This part is about her Brainwashing Room and her First Visit by a
  2. JIm and Dani take relationship to new level
  3. Teasing day two of the daring, naughty, sleepover!
  4. When Janel tells her mother Abby that her father is cheating with Abby's best friend, Abby turns to her best friend's husband for revenge.
  5. Sofia and the Protagonist spend a fun day at the beach. Also, we check in on Joaquim in Sofia's absence.

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Names have been changed for person(s) protection.

This is a fantasy about abduction that turns into much more.

I cuckold my friends roommate, for being an asshole

A team of one guy and one girl go around killing pretty young women and posing and preserving their bodies.

Katie begins her journey from somewhat innocent to sexual deviant.

Missy experiences her first full day of sex.

High school nerd develops a formula that allows him to control the minds of the straight Jock bullies who pick on him, turning them into gay sex slaves.

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